Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter :p

Things I've learned from this snow storm.....
For one, I ♥ Summer, Spring, and Fall. Water freezes almost the second you set it outside :/ Cookie tin water heaters for chickens is the best thing the hubs has ever made for me and they work great! Milking a goat in the cold sucks for you and the goat, so I started the process of drying my doe up. My family is used to the taste of raw goats milk now and store bought cows milk tastes like a public swimming pool LOL!!! I will miss her milk, but am now on a mission to find a milk source close by. I also realized that even though I'm a homebody, I have cabin fever. I haven't left my house in about four days. You can hunt at night if it has snowed. We got a fox last night and it was fun to get out of the house and sit in the heated blind with the hubs watching nature tv :) Pictionary is a really fun game to play with the family and I am horrible with Geography LOL!!!! My chickens have all shacked up in different coops. I guess the chicken rules fly out the window when it's cold. I have anxiety daily about the well being of my critters. I have spent more time outside than I would like. Did I mention my dislike of Winter? Tom Turkeys are dumb. The hubs has to climb on top of the snow covered shed to get his crazy, suicidal butt down every night. Hey Tom, it's sleeting and like -5 wind chill you idiot! My little Yorkie, Wee dog, loves the snow, loves to sled, and loves being outside with my little one. Frozen chicken poop is impossible to scrape up, so the coops won't be cleaned until the poop thaws. Last but not least I HATE WINTER but I'm very thankful that we have power and so far we are ALL still alive and well!!!!! Stay warm and safe ya'll. Hopefully I will get out of this house soon☺

Monday, December 2, 2013

It worked!!!!

I have three dead mice in the bucket!!!!!! The hubs told me to have fun getting them out. Ha! I'm just going to take the bucket to the woods and feed the owls!!!!!!!