Monday, November 25, 2013


 This is what I'm doing today :/

I hope I made this right and the little varmints drown!!!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Due April 23rd

I'm almost 100% positive that I just witnessed the impregnation of Mrs. Lady ☺
Even on this cold Winter day I am imagining Spring and goat kids, oh I can't wait!!!!!
I told you I would have a due date this time around!!!!!!


For some reason I can't comment on your posts! I've tried a gazillion times. I can comment on others posts just not yours it's driving me nuts! So I'm going to do a post to say what I keep trying to say to you, hopefully you read it :)
Glad your back, I missed you. I hope you, Papa, and the Marine are all doing well ☺
Tom looks like he will be YUMMY! I remember last year you made the coolest hats with the feathers.
Wow!!!! Your new barn is AWESOME!!!!
I'm going to be reading all your bee posts. I'm diving into beekeeping finally. I can't wait!!!!!
Have a very, very Happy Thanksgiving!

The homestead today is FREEZING! We are supposed to have a high of 32* with wintery precipitation this evening. I still haven't uncovered the garden from last night, I will uncover it until sun down and then cover it back up. I'm going to get some housework done and hopefully makes soap since it's too cold to be outside. It seems like I'm out there a lot when it's this cold to make sure waters aren't frozen. I HATE WINTER!!!!

Rifle season started yesterday......My game camera has shown me no deer activity lately just raccoons and coyotes. I think my big buck, mamma and the twins may be in somebody's freezer or hiding. The hubs is hunting again today, I hope he gets one so he can be done with it. I know, that's horrible. I just got used to seeing those cute little faces every day on the SD card and I miss my husbands company.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

free buckets/pain in the butt lol!

Stopped by the feed store today to get a gazillion bags of feed. I had a coupon for 10% off your entire purchase so I went big :) We have a tiny mouse issue going on so I'm hoping they stay out of it until I get some trash cans to put it all in. After getting the feed I ran into the grocery store next door to grab a couple things for supper. On my way out I asked the bakery if they had any plastic buckets that they were going to throw away. I guess they do sometimes but they aren't free :/ It took the lady forever to look in the back I think half a dozen people asked me if I needed help. She finally comes back and asks the nice man making sushi if he had any. He did, he asked me how many I wanted I said as many as I can get. He comes back with 2. The bakery women were trying to figure out how to charge me a dollar for these, which defeated my purpose of free buckets but whatever I'll take them. Then the nice fella making sushi, who had heard me mumbling that I wasn't paying for buckets that were going to be thrown away, told the bakery ladies that those were his buckets and he didn't want to charge me ☺ So after a LONG while sitting at the counter I came home with two free food grade buckets with lids. They used to contain ginger so that won't be too hard to clean out. I'm super excited to get them, now I just need to find another source that doesn't make it into such a big deal.
Earlier today I spotted the three deer that are in my yard. It's a mamma and her baby boy and girl. The camera took some good pictures. In this one I was looking at them so mamma was looking at me lol!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Winter is officially here! My pumpkin patch, tomato, and pepper plants are goners. I covered up all my Fall veggies last night since it got down to 20* Ice chipping the critter's waters has started, which sucks. This morning my little one thought it snowed and when I told her it was frost she was annoyed. I guess she's ready for snow. I'm not, I like the sun. I could not get warm yesterday and finally checked the temp in the house. One of my darling, precious, little, angels had turned the thermostat down. I'm thinking a touch it and die note might keep my children from jacking with it, probably not ;)

The hubs had a birthday Saturday. His mom got him a trail camera. I was going to get the exact same one for him, but he would have griped if I spent our money on it (he's a tight wad) but since his mom bought it he loves it and it is really AWESOME!!! I think I've had more fun with it than him. We didn't get it set up until Monday evening but that night we got a pic of a coyote and our resident woodchuck. Last night we got a picture of a bird of some sort (it's blurry), the woodchuck, three deer, and two raccoons.



blurry bird to the right of the feeder

I really want to get a picture of the mountain lion. But I don't think corn, nuts, and apples are favorite dishes of those guys. I might need to put some meat out to get some good predator pics. I also would like to get two more cameras 1 for the goat barn and 1 for the chicken pen. Although I don't think I would be able to sleep if I knew what was creeping around my babies at night.