Thursday, August 30, 2012

Name change

Okay, so my roosters started out as Thelma and Louise. Then when they crowed they were called Freckle and Speckle. When they both got injured from the gigantic dog attack we called them Gimpy and Limpy. Now I think they have grown into their forever names. Drumroll please~~~~~~~~ The forever names of our roosters are Redneck and Larry! When we talk about them I always say is it the red neck or the green neck, so that's where Redneck got his name. And the other one is named after a family member. Nuff said ☺

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Couldn't wait!

This is a picture of one of Squirty's eggs. It is very clear and all you see is the yolk floating around. They are ALL like this! The other five eggs are soo dark I couldn't take a picture! I guess I am going to take these five eggs out so they don't blow up and make a mess :( Eight more days, I am crazy giddy over this! I hope I did everything right and all five hatch!!!!
In my garden I am still harvesting cucumbers and okra! Four of my new tomatoe plants are doing great, one is not looking to good. My pumpkin plant is blooming like crazy, after a brief attack of squash bugs, I need to look it over again today to keep it growing good! Have a great day everyone ☺

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Welcome ☺

I have 20 followers!!! WHOOO HOOO!!! I just want to say welcome and thank you to my new followers! Connie @ she is a super crafty lady who also likes to play music! David and Darcy Cobb @ they are working hard everyday towards a self sufficient life. Joan Anderson~ I worked with Joan for a couple of weeks she doesn't have a blog but she has an amazing sense of style and I thank her for following ☺ Carolyn Renee @ a fellow homesteader with tons of personality and advise! Mama Pea @ she is an awesome gardener and knitter I am lucky I found her blog and Roxie @ she has an excellent eye for vintage treasure and is an inspiration to me. Once again thank you for following! I appreciate it and I hope I don't bore anyone! I also really enjoy following/learning from others blogs ☺ Chicken egg hatching update on Wednesday, 10 more days until babies!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Egg Candling

daddy of the chicks
I am a little disappointed with the egg situation! I am wanting to hatch cochin's! Squirty is a cochin and I think the boys are partridge cochins ( I had thought they were a different breed when they were small) so how many of Miss Squirty's eggs look fertile maybe one! It was very hard to tell because her eggs are so small, I am new at this and they have only been cooking for a week so I am leaving all of her eggs in until I can plainly tell they aren't fertile. As for the other five eggs from my big hens ALL fertile! Miss Squirty is a master at avoiding the boys at all costs and when they do get near her she screams like a lunatic chicken! I will candle again next week and keep you posted ☺

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Not too long ago, a fellow blogger had posted about how no matter what you call yourself we are all like minded and are striving for similar goals. His post made me think about what I am striving for and what would I call myself. Farmer, homesteader, prepper, ect. I am a homesteader! My goal is to have gardens that feed my family, goats that make cheese, milk, and babies, & chickens that provide eggs and meat. In the future I want all of my animals to sustain themselves in some way. Like trading eggs with my neighbor for grass fed beef or selling goat kids and goats milk soap to help with feed costs. I'm not there yet but I WILL BE! Until then I am enjoying my animals, I love picking flowers and vegetables from my garden for my table & watching my youngest daughter play with baby chicks after school, and  giving my family and friends homemade gifts whenever I can. So what name would you give yourself?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hatching Eggs!!!

Wednesday I met my family for an early birthday lunch. My mom and grandma gave me mulah, so I went directly to Atwoods and got an egg incubator! I had been collecting eggs for a week and had originally planned on making my own but this was much easier and ready to go! I have 10 eggs in there five are miss Squirty's, four are Honey boo boo's and one is miss Winifreds. Next Wednesday (my birthday) I will candle them and get rid of the infertile ones. I am hoping Squirty's hatch, she is a doll and I just love her to bits and to have her babies would be the best!!! I will keep you posted ☺

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hi ☺

Good Grief! I didn't realize how long it's been since I looked at my blog! There is soo many posts I have missed! I also have a new follower , welcome Roxie ☺ Check out her blog it's amazing, vintage and pink everything girls love! I have been busy getting my kiddos back to school! School supplys, clothes, shoes, and all that good stuff! The weather has finally cooled off to the 90's! No rain yet, but I will take this weather without the rain happily!!! I am getting an egg incubator this week for my birthday! My plan is to try and hatch out my favorite chicken (Squirty the cochin) eggs. The problem is that little girl won't come out of the coop! She is scared to death of the rooster! So I'm not sure if many of her eggs are fertile! but it will be fun to watch the eggs anyway ☺ The sunflower in the picture warms my heart! It's the first and only one to ever grow here, It lived through chicken dust bathes and drought and I love it's happy yellow face!!!!!! Enjoy the day!

Monday, August 6, 2012


this horse got rescued

Oklahoma had devastating wild fires over the weekend. At least 10 were going at one time. These are some pictures I found from local news websites to show how horrible the fires were. Farmers had to free their horses so they could run, they also lost thousands of dollars in hay, not to mention hundreds of homes have been destroyed. I personally don't watch alot of tv and very rarely watch the news, but we knew Thursday there was a fire somewhere, there was ashes falling from the sky in our yard. It wasn't until Saturday afternoon when the sky was so filled with smoke that it blocked the sun and the ashes were falling like snow that we finally watched the news and saw all the tragedy and started praying for rain. I would say most of Oklahoma was praying because that prayer got answered that night and early Sunday morning with a couple of good thunderstorms. I ask all my blog readers to put Oklahoma in their prayers for a little while, fires are still blazing and our weather is heating back up. There is alot of people without homes, our firefighters are exhausted, and we could use more rain to put out the remaining fires.  Thank you so much and have a blessed week ☺