Monday, May 20, 2013

Round 2!

It's headed our way. The hubs has left work early and is heading home. He's in your neck of the woods Sandy and said there was a 2 mile wide tornado and lots of hail, you and your family take care. Hope everyone in the path of this one stays safe. I'm starting to miss Winter LOL!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I hate

tornado season in Oklahoma! Everyone in the path of this storm take care! This is crazy scary!!!!

Did I mention I live in a modular home and we haven't got a cellar yet, We'll be in the ditch if one hits :/

Thursday, May 16, 2013

From the garden

I also made a strawberry pie from my first strawberry harvest. It didn't last long enough for a pic LOL!!! Don't you just love growing your own food ☺

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's Happening

Around the homestead
My flooded garden is recovering ☺ Sprouts and sunflowers are coming up and peppers are coming on! Just harvested my first bunch of strawberries (delish). I had to share some with roly poly's and grasshoppers though, grrr! Pickled some eggs :/ I have never tried those before, so this should be interesting. I'm attempting to crochet a huge market bag, it will take awhile since I don't have much down time. I'm reading the book Goat Song and soo far I like it. It's a story of a couples journey with goats. It's like reading my own story but I think theirs ends with a successful cheese business.
Baby goat is my little love. I had him disbudded Saturday. The only place that could do it was the same vets that screwed up Wilma's delivery, so I was nervous. He looked like an alien for a couple days with silver nubs on his head, but he's doing great. Little goat is also getting out of the pen. I find him next to it tormenting his poor mother to death! Mama hen and babies are mingling with the flock. It's amazing to see those little tiny's running with the big chickens. They are tough little boogers. My girls only have two more days of school before summer break. I'm really looking forward to this summer! Hope everyone had a great Mothers Day!

Monday, May 6, 2013


I am still sore but feeling alot better. The minute I lay my head down at night, I am out. The hubs says it takes about 2 minutes for me to start the chainsaw. What? I don't snore, okay maybe I do a little when I'm exhausted LOL!!!!
I am soo in love my doe. She is the best mommy to her baby ☺ I think I was trying to smother him so I totally opened up the barn cleaned out all the old hay and poo. Opened windows and am letting him run in the pen with his mom. He is bouncing all over the place now. I also milked Lady after he ate to see how much was left. Not much, seems like he was eating a little better this morning ☺
I don't know if I told you guys but I had a broody sitting on eggs. They hatched around the same time Lady was in labor. I moved them all to the ground as of yesterday I had two baby chicks. As if I need more :p The mama hen seems to be doing a pretty good job this time ☺Chicken Count ??????????
I have soo much to catch up on around here (like actually cooking something for the two legged people to eat), I probally won't post for awhile. I will read what you guys are up to and while I'm not posting I will take lots of pictures of all my precious babies ♥
Enjoy the week ya'll

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why am I......

so sore? You would think I gave birth to the little one. I feel like I've been hit by a semi truck! Several days ago I pulled a muscle in my upper back/neck working in the garden it's still sore and now my legs are killing me. I guess I did some major squats yesterday  ☺ I also backed up into the stanchion trying to take a pic of the baby and bruised my butt pretty good.

So I'm already going to be annoying with questions. How can you tell if he's eating enough? I've watched him nurse but it doesn't last long. I milked her biggest side this morning and she already looks like she's about to bust. I think the next time I milk her I will see if he would take a bottle just for my peace of mind. I've also got the barn pretty much draft free and closed up since we had nasty weather the last few days. I'm thinking Mrs. Lady would like to get the heck out of there for a little while so I'm going to take down the makeshift wall. Hopefully the little dollface won't get too cold.

Is it normal that he sneezes alot too? I'm assuming he's clearing his airways still. It just seems like alot of sneezing. He's getting around really well, at 1 day old he's already trying to jump on walls and he's head butting. Cutest thing I've ever seen ☺

I need to clean up chicken poo today and really give the coops the once over. They were severly neglected yesterday and with this rain it's pretty nasty.

Enjoy the day ya'll!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's done ☺

Finally! Heres the story.......Yesterday around 10am I touched Ladys ligaments the same ones I feel about 50 times a day and they were GONE! Her udder had ballooned up like crazy. I still don't know what I was thinking every other time I thought she was in labor, but anyway she was stretching every 10 minutes so I assumed those were contractions. I came in told the hubs that this time I'm 110% sure she's in labor. I tried to do some things in the house but couldn't so I ran outside and started cleaning the barn and the pen. I brought out my birthing bag and waited. Around 6 pm I had lost my wits. I had babies hatching in the coop that needed to be moved to the ground, my goat was in labor and my girls + a friend were on their way home from volleyball practice and I needed to feed them! I started having a forever hot flash. I'm thinking it was more like high blood pressure from anxiety since it caused a headache but who knows. Everyones home I run get some pizza, eat, do my chores and go back to the barn and wait. I chat back and forth with my goat mentor/Carolyn about how long this all should last and what to expect and why did I drink beer to calm my nerves because now I'm sleepy!  Between 10pm and 11pm there was the goo she had told me about. I looked insane jumping up and down in my driveway, high fivin' the girls, and squealing like an idiot. This is the moment the hubs finally realizes it's happening!!!! I went to bed at 12:30 set my alarm and got back up at 3:30 went to check, not much going on, went back to bed and woke up again at 7am! I could have died that I slept that late. I rush outside and there is a good bit of goo. I let all the chickens out walk the dog and start the coffee and then I sat in the barn drinking coffee for the next two hours while Mrs. Lady labored.
First thing I want to say is why did I choose to look like a bum this morning. The video would be soo much better if I looked a little less homeless :/ Ok back to the story, so we have some serious goo and about 9am she's streaming and then it's in the hay. My little one, my oldest and the hubs are in the barn watching Lady lay her head on my lap, sniff at my face, and try to drink my coffee. She was such a love this morning. The father in law shows up to take my little one for the night so everyone leaves the barn we have decided it will be awhile (NOT)! The second they step out Lady lays down next to my stool and starts pushing. I get up gather the towels, bulb syringe, and yell out the door she's pushing. So here comes the hubs, the wee child leaves and the big one goes in to work out. Within 10 minutes her water breaks and I start to see the baby's feet. It was awesome and scary all at the same time! She pushes and I see two feet no head I start to freak out and think about going in and then I see the little tounge and nose :) It was moving and I was soo thrilled that it was alive! Lady screams and pushes the hubs says to help her, I pull a little, I didn't want to pull too hard. I finally got a good hold on both hooves and out came the baby. It was like every ding dang video I have watched on YouTube but it was really happening in my barn this time it was AWESOME!!!!!!
So I'm sure all my blog buddies are super excited that I won't be talking goat birth for awhile. I did get a little annoying ;) And I would like to thank Mamabear, Kristin, Queensacres, Peggy, and last but not least Carolyn for all the great advise and for putting up with all my questions. I feel like I'm giving an award speech LOL!!!! But seriously I appreciate everyones advise and encouragement. I'm BEAT and going to bed!

Oh and Little guy is no longer wearing his pink camo sweater that his two legged mommy made. It was really cold and rainy when he was born but warmed up this afternoon. He also thought it was itchy and girly. Wait until he gets his collar. I was hoping for a girl so I bought a pink and a purple one ;)

Its a boy!!!!

I have to shower and run kids (2 legged) everywhere and then I will post pics!
It was AWESOME!!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

It's started!!!!!

Ligaments gone, udder is HUGE, and she has had some contractions :) I'm soo excited no sleep for me tonight!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

♫♪♫Happy Birthday to Bub ♫♪♫

Today is Bubba's birthday! We got him when he was just 2 weeks old, so we've had that little fella for almost a year. I can't believe it! Where does the time go?

We went from sweating and getting sun tanned yesterday to jackets, hats, and gloves today. The weather is frigid, the heater is back on and the last I heard it could snow, ridiculous :/ And of course I got my garden all planted yesterday and tonight I will have to cover it, yeah me!

Mamma goat is still withholding child from me. It's becoming a joke! Literally, my youngest does an impersonation of me saying we can't go anywhere because Lady could birth. Grandpa peeked his head in the barn one day while we were trimming Bub's hooves and commented on how big "her" bag was getting. I guess Bub has it going on back there LOL! The hubs hopes she has it during the night so I miss it (EVIL) he might not survive this birthin'!!! I have also seen every goat video on the internet and don't care to see anymore, ever!!!
On the positive side the hubs finally agrees a kid is coming. The youngen thought Lady was in labor yesterday because she was acting weird. So either it's finally almost time or my goat crazies are contagious! Next year will be different better!!!!!!
I am checking on her every hour today. Her udder looks soo much bigger than yesterday and with this horrible weather and the fact that I would prefer her not to kid today she will probally do the exact opposite of what I want :/ Whatever, I'm just ready for the end and wouldn't it be neat if baby and baby daddy shared a birthday ☺

Enjoy the day ya'll!!!!!!