Friday, February 21, 2014

I spoke too soon........

Winter is still here :/ 

The little one's visit to the ortho was not good. She needs EIGHT baby teeth pulled six of them are on the top. Three on each side of the front teeth. How will she eat? She's gonna look funny and crap it's gonna hurt! I don't know how much this will all cost but with the hubs accident and Christmas still not payed off, it's starting to feel like we are on a sinking ship :/ And to top it all off I stupidly signed her up for softball!!!! So far we have spent 250 bucks and haven't practiced once!!!! After her appointment we went to get her helmet and cleats. I don't know if it's just me but the general public is RUDE! The people that worked at the stores weren't anywhere to be seen to help us out. So after two stores, no cleats, no helmet, several dirty looks and bad attitudes from strangers we said screw it and went to Coney Islander. Not very productive but tasty :) The hubs took her to Wal-Mart and got her bat, glove, balls, and bag. This weekend she is staying with her grandparents and they are taking her shopping for the cleats and helmet. Yeah me, I somehow got out of all this. Which is great since I know nothing about baseball :)

I have 0 kids for the entire weekend. Now this is my kind of vacation!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Homestead News

The wind is blowing like 100 miles and hour today! It's a leave your trashcan tipped over kinda day for sure! The temperature was 64* at 7 this morning!!!! Spring showed up this week and I'm tickled!
The five little bunnies that were born three weeks ago are growing like weeds! This little black one is so cute :) My last pregnant doe had six kits this morning. Baby bun total 13. Now I hope when the time comes we can put them in the freezer :/
The guinea pig babies have one more week before I try to sell them. Two of them have red eyes and are on the ugly side. All three are boys. I hope they sell. After they leave I will put Veeta back with Cheese and in two months we will have babies from a known daddy :)
My brussel sprouts made it (barely) through this Winter. Only 1/3 of the harvest was edible so I fed it to the piggies. I'm hoping the remaining sprouts will be enough to feed my family a time or two. I also got my entire compost bin emptied into this garden. It should improve the soil and hopefully my veggies will grow better.
I'm incubating eggs. They are all due by March 2nd. The light brown ones are the ones my hens started. I took them from them and gave them some Maran eggs instead. Sneaky I know but I'm only keeping the Maran and Olive eggers and those little mutts in the brown eggs will be sold for $1/chick. I already have someone waiting so hopefully this is a good hatch :)

The little one has an ortho appointment today. We have known for awhile she was going to need braces. Her mouth is like a traffic jam and now she has shark teeth!

And for the best news.........THE HUBS IS BACK TO WORK!!!!!

Hope ya'll have a great day!!!!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

2 Years!!!!

I've been blogging for two years today! I admit I haven't done a good job lately. I blame old man Winter. He's keeping me busier than normal caring for the critters. I remember the day I got my blog. The hubs came home from work and I was so proud of myself I couldn't quit talking about it. It's amazing that back then I had five raised beds and as many chickens. Now I have several gardens and a whole lot of chickens, goats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Speaking of guinea pigs. I have three new additions :) My girl had three babies Sunday

The hubs thinks I'm obsessed with them. I might be, just a little ;) Today is also the halfway mark for Ms. Lady's (my goat) pregnancy. 75 more days :) :) :) My rabbit that was expecting had five babies about 10 days ago. They are all five doing great. It's amazing how warm they are in the nest even with -5* windchills outside. I have one more doe to kindle in less than two weeks and then I will have a break from rabbit birthin'. I'm getting two dozen hatching eggs tomorrow, as if I need anymore chickens!!!!! I'm excited to get different breeds in the yard :) We butchered two roosters last Friday and had both of them for Sunday dinner. It had been awhile since we processed a whole bird, we normally skin them and leave the innards in tact so I was a little rusty on the first one. The second one went beautifully. I still have a couple roosters to process and I'm actually looking forward to it which is WEIRD! I love knowing how to process my own food! I have a broody Cochin sitting on who knows how many eggs. I will probably sell those for a dollar each when they hatch. I'm wanting to thin the banty herd down. They reproduce like rabbits and have taken over!!! I still have brusell sprouts in the garden. They may not have survived this last bit of cold. I felt like an idiot covering them up with snow on the ground. My Fall garden this year was a total bust. What the chickens didn't eat the weather killed :/ Next year I'm going to put it in a little earlier. Well that's what's going on around here. Enjoy the weekend ya'll!!!!