Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On the Fritz!!!!

My computer is on the fritz and as usual I really don't have time to mess with it :/ So I have been reading blogs when I have the patience but haven't been commenting because my patience usually runs out, lol!!!

The little one started school last week. I'm still not used to the alarm, it's loud. I prefer waking up on my own. On the bright side I only have 172 more days of screeching :/ My older daughters start school tomorrow. Both will be in High School and one will graduate. Where did the time go??? My birthday is also coming up (Friday) and I turn the big 40...................Where did my youth go??? I still feel like a kid and forty always seemed so OLD!

Our weather this year was so WEIRD! It was strangely Fall like for a few weeks but it seems Summer finally found us. This is also the first year that I haven't wanted a storm cellar (we had zero tornados) but a ton of earthquakes :/  The bugs, oh man the bugs this year are unreal! Flies have taken over my barnyard, it's a constant battle to keep everything as clean as possible but they still find something that interests them. This is the first year we have had aphids in the garden and also those damn blister beetles. They are working on my tomato plants again as I type :/

Our peach harvest this year wasn't as great as last year but I did make nine pints of yummy jam :)

My pet bunny that ran around the chicken yard went missing about a week ago. She was two years old and the first bunny ever born here, I miss her :(

My chickens have hatched out babies again :/ So far there is only one. I wasn't even sure the eggs were fertile, well they were lol! Chicken count=who knows!!!

Bub my goat buck is stinkin' up to high heaven. We were going to trim his hooves on Friday but got lazy and he went into rut the next day. Lesson learned there, lol!

I found an amazing deal at the feed store. Seed packs were 10 for a $1!!! I got 40 packs of seed for $4 some are heirloom. One pack retailed for $4, so I was pleased with this find!!!!!
My last visit to the grocery store renewed my desire to grow as much of our food as possible. Meat is outrageous and the quality of everything is poor!

Tomorrow I'm gardening all day, the little one has decided to ride the bus home from school which gives me the whole day to get things done. I hope she likes riding the bus. This might be the year I actually get my crap together!!!!


  1. What a score on the seed packets!! Happy early B-day too! The jam looks quite tasty! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Oh, honey-lamb, you are just a youngster! I think that my 40s were the best years of my life - although I am still waiting for even greater time! That is a great seed score! I wish I could find something like that here, but they are too much into profit. I know what you mean about food prices - I hardly go into the grocery store and when I do, I almost pass out from sticker shock! Have a great birthday - I believe in celebrating every single year!

    1. I tend to be a butthead on my birthdays......this year I'm hoping to switch it up a bit and be sweet. I hope my forties are the best for me too, so far each decade has gotten better :)

  3. Admit it you couldn't resist murdering and skinning yet another helpless victim and are attempting to cover your tracks by claiming you miss the bunny.

    Are those Baker Creek seeds?

  4. Wish you were closer, I could fix your computer. Anyway sound like you are doing good even with the mishaps. Keep at it, these are the good days!

  5. Wait til you are mid sixties. Then you will remember your forties with longing.

    Hope your rabbit turn up. Stranger things have happened.

  6. Kelly,

    Sweet Kelly, I feel so old. You're going to be 40......Happy Early Birthday To you Sweetie.

    I'm sorry to hear about your rabbit, hopefully it will turn back up.

  7. Hello Kelly, oh, your life is so busy. It is going to be a very new experience having all of your children in school at the same time. As for turning 40, I wish that I were that young again. Your 40's are going to be wonderful years . . . If you think that your youth is gone, think again. You are a beautiful, confident and very charming young woman surrounded my family that love you deeply . . . these are the good years:) Now, when you blow out your candles remember this and make this new decade your best ever!
    Keep Smiling,
    Connie :)

  8. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY. We have started construction of my chicken coop...can't wait to have my own poultry babies...

    I hit a local feed store as well last week, only there they sell you seeds by the pound, let me tell you what .50 worth of collard seeds look like...OMG ! I have seeds for the next three years...lol

  9. My kids start school today. Short summer for sure. Happy Birthday!