Saturday, July 18, 2015

Letting go

I started this post yesterday. It was originally titled Dread. I was selling my oldest baby goats and was a little anxious and unsure how I would feel handing my babies over to a complete stranger hence the title Dread so I decided not to post because it was a bunch of anxious mumbo jumbo anyway..........
Well, Kenny showed up at 6 as planned. I was pleased to find out he was a like minded person. He also has 20 acres of land which is amazing. 2 acres fenced for the goats. He rescued another goat from being eaten which is a plus. Anyways we talked FOREVER about homesteading goals, land, the town he lives in and then it came time to say goodbye. I told them both bye went in the house fought off tears, came back out and Kenny was still here. Finally I held Lady while the hubs grabs the babes and snotfest commenced. I was a blubbering bawling idiot! Poor Kenny said he was so sorry and felt terrible since I couldn't quit crying. Several times throughout the evening I would picture my little boyfriends (that's what I named the boy goat) face and the water works would happen. I don't know if me being a middle aged female has anything to do with my extreme attachment to my babies. I don't know if everyone that raises critters gets as attached to them as I do. I don't know why I mourn them leaving. The only thing I do know is today, I'm okay, I still miss their sweet faces but I got a gallon of milk from their ma so it's time to make some cheese :))))))


  1. Oh Kelly, I'm so sorry, but it does sound like you found them a good home. I've been around goats enough to know how sweet they are and how easily you can get attacked to them. You have a tender heart and that is nothing to ever apologize for having. Love is a good thing, whether it's towards people or animals.
    Here's to better days.
    Connie :)

  2. My one daughter said good-bye to all her goats a few days back. It was sad, but they will close by, and she can go visit and get her baby goat "fix" too.

    1. I can't even imagine getting rid of ALL my goats. I love them so much. Luckily your daughter can visit them

  3. Sounds like a good out come for the goats, lots of land and not a dinner plate in the future.

  4. Replies
    1. Oh PP! I know, I can't help it. I'm a girl!

  5. What a good lookin' goat! That's the problem with raising animals. You cannot keep them all. (Although I must admit most of us end up keeping too many!)

    1. I wanted to keep my little doeling but until we get our pasture fenced I really didn't have room for another goat. It was the responsible thing to do but I hated it

  6. Kelly,

    Great to see you back. It's hard, you get attached to the animals you raise. I truly think you can blame it on that peri-menopause thing!!!
    Don't listen to PP, he's a stinker!!!

  7. Sometimes it's hard to see the ones you've cared for go to someone else, but it DOES sound like a great place for them to go!

  8. It IS hard to part with them - unless they are awful and you can't wait to have them inflict themselves on someone else. At least you know he is going to a caring person. That should be a big relief. Then, there is the milk..... :)

  9. Hey There! I have wondered about you so often of the past months...I just happened to check over here today and see your back! I am glad...

    I got rid of ALL my goats a few months back...with all the surgery I had and other things I just didn't have time for them...I guess I have hardened some of the years of this lifestyle...I didn't cry...I was actually glad to see them go...Of course I will have more in the future when the time is right...A few years ago yes I would have and did cry like a baby when something had to go...but for me with time I have learned loss, no matter what kind is part of living this lifestyle...I still dont do the 'deed' (kill)when processing the critters, hubby does that, but I have come to understand hard decisions have to made sometime...No one ever said doing the best/right thing was easy...

    Hugs from corner of the state!
    The Homestead Lady

  10. You should have heard the wails, screams, and blubbering from me when my favorite chicken died.

    Practical Parsimony

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